Tom Clancy’s: The Division; Pushbacks, weird choices and a The Division beta

The Division is a new upcoming game by Ubisoft in the Tom Clancy’s series. The game is a third person action adventure multiplayer game based in New York. As of right now, the game will be released at March 8, 2016.


Tom Clancy’s The Division is bases in New York during a massive crisis in which there has been a virus released in the city which has not only killed a lot of people, it also scared pretty much all the other civilians away. In the game it is your goal with The Division group to find out where this virus has come from and how to fix it. On the way you have to find against quite a lot of enemy factions and you should always be aware of other team members betraying you.

The Division has a fully customizable gear, weapon and skill system. The developers did not want to add a class system so that you have more possibilities to customize your skills the way you want them. Because of this I am a little afraid there will be just a couple of skill-sets that are just way more powerful than the rest but we will see.


During the E3 2013 conference Ubisoft officially announced Tom Clancy’s: The Division and the game would be released this year, 2015. As stated already, the game has been pushed back to March 8, 2016 so we will see if they can make that date as this is already two years later than the initial planned release date. I do think that March 8 will be the final release date as Ubisoft is having a The Division closed beta later this year in which you can enroll. I think this is a very smart move as it does give the developers a little more pressure, makes the fans happy and gives them more feedback about the game and on how they can improve it.


Tom Clancy’s The Division is a Role-Play game with a lot of MMO aspects although the developers explicitly tell that it is not a real MMO. From what I have seen of the game till now the gameplay and shooting mechanics seem very smooth and seamless. The graphics of the game are gorgeous. I just hope that this will not be another “Watch Dogs” case in which they dramatically reduce the graphics because their optimizations were not good enough to run on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One with the requested resolutions.

I hope this will finally be a new Good game from Ubisoft as most of their latest games were just awfully optimized and sometimes even unplayable though I am still a little skeptical. Personally I can’t wait for the beta to start so we can all get a preview of what we can expect of the game. I just hope they do not use the typical “it is still in beta” excuse for every bug, small or big, we find.

Bethesda’s first E3 Conference; DOOM, BattleCry, Fallout 4 Beta

E3 was this year again a big success with the huge presentations from Microsoft and PlayStation but the presentation that stood out the most for me personally was the E3 press conference from Bethesda.

This was the first ever E3 press conference for Bethesda and in my opinion, they completely nailed it! First of all, the whole Presentation was dressed so well. Everything looked great and professional. The presenters were also very professional and interacted great with the audience.

They not only gave out a lot of information about old and upcoming games, they also released a game at the conference and released a lot more information about anew game studio they started.
Bethesda has started a new game studio called: Battlecry studios with their first game “BATTLECRY”. They didn’t talk a lot about this game at the conference but at their website you can already sign up for the Battlecry closed beta.battlecry-enforcer-logo

Of course they also talked about the new DOOM they are working on. This is going to be a complete remake of the original DOOM games. From what we have seen, the graphics are great, there are going to be new enemies, bosses and weapons and they made a huge user-friendly but still advanced map making tool build in the game itself. With this tool you can create your own maps and share it with other people through the new community and developer sharing system. With this system you can also share mods for games like Skyrim with your console. That was pretty much all they told us about both DOOM and the new system.


Then they finally went to the game we were all waiting for; Fallout 4. So in the new Fallout game the story starts before the apocalypse where you create your character through the completely revamped character customization system. You can just select the part of the body you want to change and ‘sculpt’ it as you like and you can now finally also play as a female character.
Furthermore you can also manipulate the whole world you play in and also use any items you find for parts to make new useful tool or utilities. At the end of the presentation they dropped a bomb on us all. The release date! Fallout 4 will be released this year, November 10th! Not only that, they also mentioned a closed Fallout 4 Beta!

I can’t wait for these games and am stoked to see how Fallout 4 works out!